! Mayday !

I will add more information about this soon, but for now check out my new project at:

I’ll be singing these songs as I cross the country stopping by the conventions.

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Studio pic

I’m working on a new album! This would be a picture of me working in the studio, except I had to take the picture myself.

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3 birds

This is the sad part about living on a bird refuge. I found these little guys this morning.


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Want A Rabbit?

I think this flyer that I’ve seen posted to some poles in the neighborhood accounts for the rabbits that I have seen on the range all of a sudden:


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Here Comes The Floods

The album published on Jamendo:
Here Come The Floods was recorded stereo live at the 82nd Avenue Folk Range in Portland, OR. In the midst of a landfill rewild, living in the old country ways, I recorded these songs using a portable recording device with the country bluegrass band I was heading called “Floods”. We would rock a show every Thursday at a dive bar called “The Know” on Alberta Street, and record at the range throughout the week. Some of the songs were written for the radio show I did on Portland Indymedia called “Country in the City”, and the rest grew out of my time fronting the Floods. On this recording, the Floods consist of me, Luke Tan, with Danny McIrvin, Molly D., and Tommy Suitcase. Please enjoy the sweet sounds of country folk, 100% stereo live and uncompressed!!

Jamendo : Free music
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Ace of Spades

I found this on the ground, and I’ve been keeping it in my back pocket till I find out what I’m supposed to do with it:


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Gimme A Pig’s Foot

Here’s another one. This is a great song written by Bessie Smith “a long time ago”. Recorded live June 1st 2007 at the Towne Lounge in Portland, OR. with Danny McIrvin on lead guitar and Mike Barron on Drums.

Gimme A Pig’s Foot.mp3

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Are there cobwebs in here?

Probably. I’ve been neglecting this site for way to long. I’ll be adding some personal touch-ups here and there, and adding albums that have only been released in the flesh, along with extra songs and some new material being recorded. Here one real quick:

It was recorded at the end of 2007 with members from Floods. I call it Dr. Bronner’s Blue Yodel no. 7 because it is a paraphrase from a rant found on a Dr. Bronner’s soap bottle..

Dr. Bronner’s Blue Yodel No. 7.mp3

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Just Because

I wanted to make a post on here since I haven’t in such a long time. Here is a song that I have written with my band, Floods. It’s called “Modern Times”.
Download here:

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Quick update

I’ve been quite busy surviving in the wild west. In fact, too busy to write on this blog! I will most likely change the website in a little bit so that it’s main focus is not on the blog but rather as a clearinghouse for all my musical and artistic endeavors. Anyways, the “country in the city” radio show has ended, look for some of the songs to appear on a new album with the Floods. Floods are playing Sunday, December 9th at Kelly’s Olympia. We have a full band now with the addition of a bassist, Tommy Suitcase.
Also, I redesigned Ghosts In The Flophouse, and the website is trippy. I took the movie off of youTube because it was a little too experimental for people. The website is experimental too, but I think that you will like it. Don’t let the website scare you! Did I mention that I am teaching chess to little kids in an afterschool program?
If I were an expert at self-promotion, it would have been an all-media press release, but hey I just like to write good songs and make art:
I would like to thank ASCAP for their ASCAPlus monetary award. ASCAP, the American Society of Composers and Performers, awards the ASCAPlus award to:
1) Active writers in the early and mid stages of their careers, and
2) To established writers whose main activity is outside of broadcast media.
I’m not too old yet, so I guess I fit into category one, and seeing how I give away over 10,000 songs a month via this website, I guess that I fit into category two.

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