A Place Of My Own

10 Sad Songs

A Place of My Own.mp3

The pause of the morning, it gave me a chill
And I knew I’d soon have to decide
Tired of living, just to pay off my bills
So I packed up without a goodbye

I found me a place to stay out from the cold
Where the air and the fishing was free
And my crazy ways I did not have to hide
On the banks of the black swanee

Only wanted a place of my own
Some land and a garden to grow
But in the end I could not dance alone
So I packed up and headed back home

I traded the quiet for the roar of the crowds
The dawn for the big city lights
Got me a job at a bank here downtown
And I drank away my lonely nights

How I dreamt of that place of my own
Where I could remain as I am
And I dreaded the way that I headed back home
When the solitude I couldn’t stand

Then fate found a girl with the moon in her eyes
And a beauty of likes never seen
But her heart was a treasure to never be mine
And she left me in sheer misery

Take me back to that place of my own
Where no one can hear a man cry
I don’t care if I must die alone
I know now to not comprimise
I know now to not comprimise

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