Ballad Of Jim Jones

10 Sad Songs

Ballad of Jim Jones.mp3

Feelings are strange, especially when they come true
I had a feeling ’bout this long ago
What we had, what we’d said and done
It wouldn’t do

I had a dream, it could last the rest of time
And we could somehow change the world
From vivid black and white

But the sun won’t rise tomorrow, because we can’t control tonight
Don’t worry about the sorrow of the folks we’ll leave behind
I wish there was a way that you could make me change my mind
But they’re coming here tomorrow, so tonight we’ll say goodbye…

I must admit, I sure will miss the rain
Cooling off these hot Guiana nights
And doing what they can to help
Wash away the pain

I can’t explain, what became of paradise
They’ve had us running for some years
And we put up quite a fight

But I won’t return to hell because I’ve seen the other side
They can try to stop the flaming but they can’t put out the light
I wish there was a way we didn’t have to say goodbye
But they’re coming here tomorrow, so tonight we’ve got to die…

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