Ballad Of Max Hand

10 Sad Songs

Ballad of Max Hand.mp3

One time I was just like ya’ll, I drove a fancy car
With the luck that ran through my life I was gonna be a star
I always had a good friend to see, no matter where I’d go
At the bars and the dancing halls and at the picture shows

But through the fickle friends, the break-ups and the brawls
I’ve always had a song that I could sing
Through the thick and thin I’ve had this old guitar
And I’d wash my worries right down the drain

When my turn for a party came, I knew just what to do
And when it come to illegal drugs, I guess I’ve tried a few
I recall how I loved to drink, and I’d refuse to ride
When my head went through the steering wheel I nearly lost my mind

I was on the brink, they say I almost died
I could hear the angels calling me away
But heaven’s fine for me, some cloud up in the sky
Just make sure I have a harp that I can play

Took a while till I came around, found my friends were gone
The bank came and they took my car, and I was all alone
Took a while till I learned to speak, to talk naturally
Please forgive me if I’m slow sometimes, you know it’s hard for me

I turned to the only friend I had, this old guitar of mine
The one thats seen me through my better years and the worst of times
But the songs that I used to sing, don’t come so easily
All I had that was worth a shit it seems he took from me

With all you take from me, don’t take away my song
It’s the only thought I had for me to stay
If you give me anything, please give me one more song
Without it I don’t want to live another day

Did you ever get the feeling that you wanted to go?
Still had the feeling you needed to stay?
The man in the mirror is a vision of what you’ve become
Because he ain’t got a feeling or a reason to stay
And all of his thoughts are promises of yesterday
Did you ever get the feeling like you wanted to go?

luketan ::