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A friend of mine came to the farm today and we both took some pics. Check it out at my flickr page:

Has everyone seen r. kelley’s rap opera
trapped in the closet
? Genius is a strong word, but… The song skeleton posted earlier is transforming into a bit of a ‘folk opera’, intentionally paying homage.

Still no portable housing option has been secured. The good news is that I am under negotiations with an rv owner to exchange some sort of currency for his rv.


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Do you really love me?

the first (passible) draft.
a version of this song should be appearing on the next podcast:

A fool awakens….to show his foolish pride
it’s a fool who asks a question
when he doesn’t know where the answer lies

It a concession, risking rejection
who ever thought this fool
could ever fall in love, would ever find direction
I never thought that I’d fall for you

I was a lonely one
and you were a lonely too
Soon I had to overcome
The fear that had kept me from asking you:

Do you really love me?
Do you really love me? Do you really want me? Don’t lie…
Do you really love me, do you really need me?
Drop the reigns, let go the wheel
and tell me I’m the one you know you love
Tell me that you love me, tell me that you need me

I fear rejection, is it all in my mind?
tell me there’s no other
Don’t let me lose another fish tonight

Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you need my life
Tell me that you want me
Tell me that I bring you peace of mind
Hold me close and love me
Tell me my suspicions true
Tell me that you love me
Tell me I’m the gift god made for you
If you want to hold me, hold your hand up high
let me know the love I have for you’s enough
to last you through all time

let me know you love me (please)
let me know you need me (please, please, please)

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Live at the Hot Corner

Live At The Hot Corner
a couple of tracks off of the promo release ‘live at the hot corner’ aka ‘boot!’. recorded in “The Quiet Room” by, oct. 2005. files are bigger than single song mp3 downloads.
A concert in four parts:

01- The Hits
* Deliverance
* Life Is But A Wheel, Part I
02- Why you gonna walk out on me like that?
* The Affair
* Let Me See
* Frankie Machine, the Suicide King
* Toll of the Liberty Bell
03- s0m3thing old
* Broken Home Videos
* Ballad of the Regretful Sinner
* Gimme a Pig’s Foot
04- Cockroaches
* Garden of Eden
* Baby On the Way
* The Snake That Speaks Through the Burning Bush

today it is friday, 9:54, march 24, 2006

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Hello, world!

well, in case you didn’t notice there’s a new look at lots of new stuff is going on, and instead of keeping the whole thing in the closet and beta I decided to just go ahead and make the new site/design the main page. I’ll be going on the road soon, and will have lots of new material to release soon, so keep track of what’s going on here. spelling and grammatical errors I’m sure there will be a few, but feel free to send me an email with regards to any that really irk you, or that make me look like a real idiot. there’s big plans for this site with regards to original content, but I’d rather just make posts and have it happen than talk about what will. Today it is wednesday, 11:11, march 22, 2006.

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