Live at the Hot Corner

Live At The Hot Corner
a couple of tracks off of the promo release ‘live at the hot corner’ aka ‘boot!’. recorded in “The Quiet Room” by, oct. 2005. files are bigger than single song mp3 downloads.
A concert in four parts:

01- The Hits
* Deliverance
* Life Is But A Wheel, Part I
02- Why you gonna walk out on me like that?
* The Affair
* Let Me See
* Frankie Machine, the Suicide King
* Toll of the Liberty Bell
03- s0m3thing old
* Broken Home Videos
* Ballad of the Regretful Sinner
* Gimme a Pig’s Foot
04- Cockroaches
* Garden of Eden
* Baby On the Way
* The Snake That Speaks Through the Burning Bush

today it is friday, 9:54, march 24, 2006