Do you really love me?

the first (passible) draft.
a version of this song should be appearing on the next podcast:

A fool awakens….to show his foolish pride
it’s a fool who asks a question
when he doesn’t know where the answer lies

It a concession, risking rejection
who ever thought this fool
could ever fall in love, would ever find direction
I never thought that I’d fall for you

I was a lonely one
and you were a lonely too
Soon I had to overcome
The fear that had kept me from asking you:

Do you really love me?
Do you really love me? Do you really want me? Don’t lie…
Do you really love me, do you really need me?
Drop the reigns, let go the wheel
and tell me I’m the one you know you love
Tell me that you love me, tell me that you need me

I fear rejection, is it all in my mind?
tell me there’s no other
Don’t let me lose another fish tonight

Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you need my life
Tell me that you want me
Tell me that I bring you peace of mind
Hold me close and love me
Tell me my suspicions true
Tell me that you love me
Tell me I’m the gift god made for you
If you want to hold me, hold your hand up high
let me know the love I have for you’s enough
to last you through all time

let me know you love me (please)
let me know you need me (please, please, please)