Return Of The Wandering Jew

I just finished with the new podcast “Return Of The Wandering Jew”, recorded in Atlanta at McCart studios, the same place the old racecar albums were recorded. You might notice a pretty big difference in the quality/maturity of the songs, though.
I’m getting a bit of a better handle on the ‘podcast’ thing, so the end product is a little better than ‘forgotten transmissions no.1′. I know you’re thinking ‘how could it get any better than that?’, but it’s the subtle things like introductions between the songs and all that make it more of a ‘podcast’ than just a collection of songs. And there are some great songs on this one. Here’s the line-up:
Holiday: Just another broken hearted, traveling love song in the good old country tradition. Drums, vocals, guitar, and accordian!
Talking Post Postmodern Blues: A little ditty about the trials and tribulations of dealing with modernity.
War: A protest song in the old racecar tradition. Just a listing of some of the things that war actually IS good for. Drums, guitar, vocals, and accordian!
Ballad Of Old Man Aaron: an old racecar song that was never recorded. The performance though is still right on!

Anyways…this is my last week in the Lexington/Athens area. The next podcast should be coming out sometime in the next 3 weeks. I don’t know how, where, or when exactly, but it’ll be on

Listen Now:

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Forgotten Transmissions no.1

A collection of Luke Tan songs conceived of in the weeks before, and performed on 04-05-06 through 04-07-06.
Including vocal work by Page Cambell, banjo by Chris Riser, and production by Zachary Gresham. All other Luke Tan. Four songs plus an intro:

Listen Now:

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Podcast thanks, more

Thanks for the overwhelming response to the podcast. A lot of people have asked about where to get the individual songs, and they have been listed in the songs section. I am about to go ahead and make them links on the podcast so that things are clearer. There are some things that appear only on the podcast, though.
Today is April 12, 10 more days till the next time in the studio. Spent awhile today figuring it out, and it’s coming along. Possibilities for inclusion are: Revolution Suicide, post postmodern life, return of the wandering jew, lessons here, holiday, and casual encounters. No gaurantee on songs or song titles or what will be ready by then.
Picking up the rv tomorrow!

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New Podcast up

Check out the podcast link to the right. I will extrapolate on this tomorrow.

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Out of the studio, podcast sometime tomorrow

For those of you who happen to be in england on sunday, you should check out birthmusicdeath
at Livestock III in london.

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Illuminati studio day 1

Just out of the studio for today. Working on “forgotten transmissions #1″, my first podcast! Tomorrow Page Campbell comes in to work on a couple of songs. Finished “lament of the queen of hearts” today, but have no audio to share, sorry. Here are the lyrics though:

Even with one battered eye, I never was one to complain

Sure there’s a time when the fist’s they might fly

I time when his love turns to rage

But it’s always fine once I apologize

And I cry cause I need him, and he needs somebody to hate

He hits like he don’t give a damn for my smile, he beats till there’s blood on the floor

I love cause I fear that I’ll grow old alone

That I’ll die without someone to hold

I feel I should leave but this house is our home

And he doesn’t hate me, he hates what I reflect in his soul

Two bodies lie dead on the floor, two men in this room saw the light

One bet his heart and the other his soul

Both lost the love of their lives

I’ll let you decide if the first one to fold

Was the suicide king or his queen with a heart made of gold.

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the question

I’ve been attempting to incorporate the computer, and the internet, into the creative process. Putting up early versions of songs, typing in emacs first instead of first writing in a journal. I appreciate the considerations of the reader/listener as I get used to the medium and find a voice. It’s the message, not the medium, that matters. I suppose I’ll get used to it soon enough. I’m not sure exactly what is passable yet, when/where in the creative process something should be shared. But all things with time. Here is a newer version of “do you really love me”, now more aptly titled “the question”, and written for two parts:

A fool awakens
to show his foolish pride
it’s a fool that asks the question
When he doesn’t know where the answer lies
(male) It’s a production
who ever thought this fool
could ever find direction?
I never thought that I’d fall for you
You are my only one
Am I your only too?
Do you think that we can overcome?
I guess I’ll get the answer by asking you

Do you really love me?
Do you really love me, tell me will you be my bride?
Tell me if you love me
and we’ll drop the reigns, let go the wheel
lift our hearts and sing a song of love
It’s a confession
I never thought that you
would ever want forever
Nothing ever stays for forever true

(male)tell me do you love me?
(female) I love to have you sleeping by my side
(male) tell me that you need me
(female) Isn’t what I give you now enough?

(male) enough
A proposition
why don’t you tell the truth
tell me you’s your lover
tell me who’s the one for whom you’re staying true
(female)I told you there’s no other
(male)tell me my suspicions true
(female)I told you there’s no other
(male)then why can’t I get what I need from you?
Just tell me that you love me (please, please)
Tell me that you love me, tell me that you need me in your life (i’m sorry)
tell me that you love me (sorry, sorry)
Sorry that you love me
That I’m not enough for you
I gave you what I had to
Sorry that you needed forever too
(male) Do you really love me? (please, please)
Do you really love me?
(female) Don’t you know that answer must be no?
(no, no, no, no, tell me that you love me, no, no, no)

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