Illuminati studio day 1

Just out of the studio for today. Working on “forgotten transmissions #1″, my first podcast! Tomorrow Page Campbell comes in to work on a couple of songs. Finished “lament of the queen of hearts” today, but have no audio to share, sorry. Here are the lyrics though:

Even with one battered eye, I never was one to complain

Sure there’s a time when the fist’s they might fly

I time when his love turns to rage

But it’s always fine once I apologize

And I cry cause I need him, and he needs somebody to hate

He hits like he don’t give a damn for my smile, he beats till there’s blood on the floor

I love cause I fear that I’ll grow old alone

That I’ll die without someone to hold

I feel I should leave but this house is our home

And he doesn’t hate me, he hates what I reflect in his soul

Two bodies lie dead on the floor, two men in this room saw the light

One bet his heart and the other his soul

Both lost the love of their lives

I’ll let you decide if the first one to fold

Was the suicide king or his queen with a heart made of gold.