Return Of The Wandering Jew

I just finished with the new podcast “Return Of The Wandering Jew”, recorded in Atlanta at McCart studios, the same place the old racecar albums were recorded. You might notice a pretty big difference in the quality/maturity of the songs, though.
I’m getting a bit of a better handle on the ‘podcast’ thing, so the end product is a little better than ‘forgotten transmissions no.1′. I know you’re thinking ‘how could it get any better than that?’, but it’s the subtle things like introductions between the songs and all that make it more of a ‘podcast’ than just a collection of songs. And there are some great songs on this one. Here’s the line-up:
Holiday: Just another broken hearted, traveling love song in the good old country tradition. Drums, vocals, guitar, and accordian!
Talking Post Postmodern Blues: A little ditty about the trials and tribulations of dealing with modernity.
War: A protest song in the old racecar tradition. Just a listing of some of the things that war actually IS good for. Drums, guitar, vocals, and accordian!
Ballad Of Old Man Aaron: an old racecar song that was never recorded. The performance though is still right on!

Anyways…this is my last week in the Lexington/Athens area. The next podcast should be coming out sometime in the next 3 weeks. I don’t know how, where, or when exactly, but it’ll be on

Listen Now:

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