Off the road

Well, It’s been a while since the last entry so I thought I should give an update. Been on the road for about a week, first to see mums, then off to North Carolina. I’ve ended up in some not too shabby digs a little north of Asheville in a mountain retreat on the
edge of the national forest. Nice people here when you see them, plenty of alone time, mister the dog doesn’t need a leash or a collar, and I get to walk around barefoot. I’m paying for my lodgings with three hours of work a day, or fifteen a week (I guess you get ‘weekends’ for free). It’s pretty low stress and beautiful. Here’s a pic of where I’m sleeping:

It’s a three walled structure next to the creek. Here’s the view I get where the fourth wall would be:


Wonderfully flowing stream, and lots of great white noise. Here’s the
main house where I do my cooking:
And here is where I relax and eat my breakfast and drink my coffee:

Only three hours of work a day leaves lots of time for creative endeavors, and I’ve been busy meditating on the next podcast. Looks like it should be four songs and an outtake. Some musicians should be coming to the retreat tomorrow evening for a potluck, so hopefully I will have more news later about the instrumentation, studio location, and collaboration. I think I should be ready to record something by the end of next week if not the start of the week after. A note to friends, fans, and family: email and phone communication are currently irregular and unreliable.