waiting on sc no. 4

There are some final mixing issues having to deal with the newly recorded podcast episode, “revolution or suicide”. Maybe we’ll have it done for you by early next week. In the meantime, here’s another ‘experimental’ piece I worked up. It’s a good bit shorter than the last one: Chasing A Horse Through The Forest.mp3

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Snowghost soon

I have procured a studio to record, snowghost music, and will be recording a new podcast on Monday and Tuesday of the following week, the last days of my visit to Montana. Stay tuned for Stubbornly Curiouse no.4.

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Watching the sun rise in Montana

Well, things are a little isolated where I’m staying, so finding a studio has been hard.  Here is a little sort of experimental piece that I made, called Watching The Sun Rise In Montana, in my own little studio.  No singing, just music.  I’m still trying to work within the headphones, so this song is meant to be spatially experienced when wearing them.
Download and Enjoy!

Watching The Sun Rise In Montana.mp3

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From Asheville to Montana

For those that are jonesing for an update…

I left Asheville after spending the morning hanging posters for the podcast at various establishments that I had aquainted myself with in the area and headed up 23 toward the motor city. After a brief stop in Toledo, I rolled into Detroit and headed straight to the Casino. Detroit has had an issue with attempting to revive their downtown for a number of years, and one of the many ways in which they have tried to bring folks back in is to introduce a gambling habit to the residents of detroit and the surrounding suburbs. And it would appear to have worked. I spent a couple of hours at the blackjack table, playing something called double exposure blackjack. This particular varient on the game also known as 21 has both of the dealers cards showing. In exchange for this privelege, the player gives up the right to double down on anything except a 10 or 11, and the benefit of a push. So you know what the dealer has, and there is no tie, and it feels so strange to take a hit on a twenty, but if the dealer has twenty you have to take a hit and pray for an ace! Either way, I made enough money to pay for my parking spot for the evening, and spent the night in the RV in downtown detroit much to the chagrin of my suburban detroit relatives. My aunt, whose wedding the next monday I was in Detroit to attend, was genuinely scared for my life. But really, it was no big deal. Detroit is a vibrant city, with street musicians, street artists, girls walking around in short skirts with no fear of being bothered, nightclubs, restaurants, and everything else you would expect in a normal major american city, with the addition of a gambling addiction.

I took a small tour of the city the next day and snapped a few photos of some street sculptures, and promised myself to spend some time exploring the city before I left. Unfortunately, by the time I got done dealing with all the family and wedding stuff I was ready to hit the road, and headed out toward Luddington directly after the reception on Monday. It was the first wedding of septagenarians that I had ever attended, and I hope that I will finally be able to commit the rest of my life to someone by the time I reach that age.
Detroit Street ArtDetroitadelesmall.JPG

Luddington is a small town on Lake Michigan with a ferry to take cars, trucks, and thankfully rv’s across to Wisconsin. Northern Michigan is beautiful country that has dedicated itself to the tourism industry, so it closes down for most of the year. A nautical culture doesn’t exactly come to mind when one things of places like Michigan and Wisconsin, but they certainly have one in large parts of their respective states. The great lakes are exactly that, great and expansive, and for a long time an important part of trade and industry for not only that area but the country as well. Parts of Northern Michigan feel alot like Florida, except for the temperature…and the people…and the whole fresh versus salt water thing. I had to wait a day or two for the ferry, so I took a few walks in some of the great state parks that they have around Luddington. Oh, this is also where I made the great mistake of putting unleaded gas in the diesel engine of my rv. I was really worried that my trip would come to an unfortunate end and I would end up spending the rest of my days working at a bar on the coast of Lake Michigan serving the local drunks during the winter and the cheezy tourists during the summer. Although she smoked for a few days
afterward, luckily everything turned out all right and the rv is still purring like a cat a thousand or so miles later.
Speaking of the local drunks, I tied one on till the late hours of the evening the night before my 9 am ferry ride across the lake, so I spent the scenic trip passed out in the bottom of the ship, still in the rv, trying to remember what exactly had transpired the night before. But I was fully rested by the time the four hour trip across the lake had ended, and I woke up just in time to drive into Manitowock, Wisconsin.
Wisconsin has alot of similar qualities as Northern Michigan but it is, as they say, a different state altogether. People live there all the time, they work there and live their lives there. It is not just a tourist industry based economy. In fact, it is a very large agricultural economy, with more silo’s seen in Wisconsin then anywhere else on the trip so far. The towns there are nice and populated, and I particularly enjoyed the brief time I spent in Appleton. When in Appleton, I decided to turn my direction north, and head all the way up to us highway 2, then follow it west until I reached my destination.
Northern Wisconsin is beautiful, with lots of lakes and lots of greenery and lots of farms. I pulled into a state park and parked the rv beside a peaceful lake for the evening. Since there was no one around, and I was most likely in need of it, I washed myself off in the lake before settling down for a peaceful evening reading, writing, drinking, and playing guitar.

Having spent a year in Minneapolis a number of years ago, I was already acquanted with the Minnesota culture and it’s landscape, not to detract from the beauty of either. So I hurried along through the land of a thousand lakes. I attempted to stop somewhere in the Chippewa National Forest, hoping to take a shit, or at least a piss, in the mouth of the mississippi. I took a sideroad off of 2, found exactly where I needed to be, stepped outside and was immediately attacked by the most relentless gang of mosquitoes that I have ever encountered. Mister, the ever faithful pup, tucked his tail and ran under the rv in fear and an attempt to escape. I lasted at most 20 seconds longer, and we hoped back in the rv and headed for less remote locations. I managed to find a casino on an Indian Reservation where they had overnight rv parking for free. The blackjack tables were friendly, and I took out of there a couple of hundred extra dollars then when I came in, which I promptly had to spend the next morning on a tow truck and a new starter. But perhaps I shouldn’t have rushed so quickly to leave Minnesota, if I had known what lied ahead of me for the next couple of days. There’s not too much going on in North Dakota. Or eastern Montana. At least on US Highway 2. The one distinction between the two being that the occasional lonely looking bar that you would see in North Dakota would have a casino attached to it in Montana. After about 500 miles into Montana, I was beginning to get scared that my next destination was going to look like this:

Montana Bar and Casino
Luckily, about an hour outside of glacier things started picking up, and whithin the course of that hour I crossed the continental divide and went from the midwest to the west. I am now parked at my friends place at the top of a mountain, helping them build a house that is probably alot like this: All forms of communication are presently infrequent and unreliable!

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