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As it stands, stubbornly curious no. 5 is not being recorded. It was originally written for a radio show on the PRA (PRA Radio Authority), and was performed. Unfortunately, it didn’t get recorded. Anyways, I’m tired of worrying about recapturing it after it has become old to me. I have other things to focus on (more of this later). I’ll be posting the lyrics to the songs and adding them to the songlist.

Ghosts In The Flophouse
Mother Less Child
Ballad of Uncle Joad
Warning Signs

Any mp3’s of these songs will be rough cuts, and will most likely just be available via the random mp3 module.
So, other things to focus on… I’m working with a new band, UXO, so a lot of time is being spent there, getting gigs, promo, writing new material, practicing. Also, I have acquired a spot on the PRA on Thursday’s from noon to 2PM, Pacific Time. I hope to work on my podcasting skills in this venue for a bit. I’m also working a saw and guitar duet, tentatively called “saw and awe”.

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Living with war?

I’ve made it onto neil young’s “living with war today: songs of the times” with Revolution or Suicide- only a good four months after its release. Stubbornly Curious no. 4 really is a sleeper, though. It’s deep, it grows on you. Currently number 220 out of 600, there is no clear indication of how one rises in the charts. And who’s going to listen to all 219 before it gets to 220? I’m just going to put a link here: Songs of the times. You can search for my song, Revolution or Suicide, and click on it to listen to the title track of Stubbornly Curious no. 4. Maybe that will help me get to the top ten so that more folks will listen. SC 5 is in the works, one song for it should be recorded live tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 6). There will be an art/music extravaganza at the Flophouse, and my new band UXO will be playing at 10pm. SC 5, “ghosts in the flophouse”, should be out by next Friday.

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