Altered Sound

I’ve got a new podcast, of some sorts, available for download. ‘Altered Sound’ is a new series that I’ve started for the Portland Radio Authority. It streams live at on Thursdays at noon. This is my first ‘live’ podcast, in a number of ways. First, of course, it was recorded live, so there was no going back and changing the space between sentences, or an occasional messed up word. Also, the main instrument used was a software program called ‘Live’ by Ableton. It’s in a similar vein to the white noise experiments I was conducting a few months ago.
The show essentially consists of found sounds, sampled, looped, and altered to create a patently different sort of sound. I set them up in an orchestrated pattern, allowing for some form of randomness, but making sure that the random parts will still match up.
The idea is to take three ‘things’, and tie them together in an introductory monologue, then let the program run. Should be appearing weekly.
Oh, and there should be a few seconds of silence before the show starts on the mp3 below. I’ll know how long to wait next time!

Listen Now:

icon for podpress  Rains, Hubers, Hazel [58:48m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download