End of the year

Things might seem slow at, but I can assure you that I haven’t been sitting around going completely crazy or anything. One thing that has been keeping me sane is the work I do every week for a different sort of podcast, Altered Sound. Altered Sound streams live on every Thursday from noon till two PST, and is available as a podcast shortly thereafter on It’s a lot different than anything that I’ve ever done before, and every episode requires me to learn something new, so it has helped me from losing my mind while living in a crazy house trying to make a new Stubbornly Curious production for you. This new product will be a podcast of sorts, maybe more like a website. I’m not sure exactly how to explain it except perhaps as a modern day, digital distribution equivalent to the old days of ‘albums’ and ‘cds’. It should have songs, alternate versions of songs, pictures, stories, and maybe a video or two relating to the title, “Ghosts In The Flophouse”. It’ll even have a sample of some perhaps real ghost voices that I captured while recording. It will hopefully be out by the end of Jan. and I will notify you through the normal channels asap. Everything that needs to be recorded at the flophouse has been recorded (mostly at 3 in the morning during a heinous storm), and I am now mixing and trying to find other appropriate musicians to play some instruments on it (also figuring out the code, etc. for the website).
That place that I lived, it was interesting, it taught me alot about life, about how we treat (and ignore) other human beings, about poverty, disparity, mental illness, etc. But you can’t live in a crazy house for too long without losing your mind, it’s just seeped in the layers of wallpaper. So I am ‘home’ for the ‘holidays’, spending time with my mother, and will not return to the flophouse when I fly back to Portland. I don’t care if the rent is free and they pay the utilities- I don’t want to live anymore in a place where you walk by a room and can see where some junkie just nodded off and died (and there’s 60 rooms just like it with even worse feelings and vibes to them). So expect a moody, dark piece, with the traditional songwriting style that I have been attempting to master, combined with the soundscape and found sound manipulations that I have learned working on Altered Sound. I’m excited about it.
While back in Georgia, I’ll be on the public radio in Athens, WUGA, Wednesday Dec. 20th at 4pm (EST) for a 30 minute interview/sing some songs session. You can catch it streaming online at

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