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It’s getting on a year since I left georgia and embarked on this adventure across the country, and it’s been a while that I have stayed in Portland. I haven’t posted much since I arrived in Portland, but that’s because I have been busy. It’s not about how many posts you make, it’s about the quality of the posts. An event actually has to transpire to make a post worth reading. So what event has transpired that makes this post worth reading? Well, none actually. This post is intended to be a review, a discussion of where I have been on my adventure, where I am going, and something to get me started making more frequent posts. While it’s been awhile since I have released anything under the traditional sense, I have actually been doing alot, and making alot of material available in alternate forms. There were four episodes in the stubbornly curious podcast series. There have been eight episodes in the altered sound podcast series made for the Portland Radio Authority. And of course, there is the project that I have been working on for most of my time spent in Portland which will start running on March 16th. It’s the best material that I have ever done. Better than ‘Country Gold’, better than ‘Untitled’, better than any Altered Sound podcast. And it’s my very first movie. I’ll tell you more about it in the next week or two.

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