GHOSTS, Act 1!

I’ve made the website live. You should go check it out and view the movie, buy the soundtrack if you want. It rocks!

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Coming March 16th

I’ve gotten a number of emails asking about the movie and when it is going to be coming out. It’s a digital multi-media project, and it’s delivery is a proof of concept for a number of different ideas that I have been working on. It is being released serially in conjunction with the local Portland paper “Street Roots”, and the first act will appear March 16th on, with the remaining two acts becoming available at two-week intervals. The movie and soundtrack is amazing, and the delivery experience is both novel and interesting. Look for a few posts before the March 16th release date extrapolating on the movie and some of the philosphical/theoretical underpinnings of the release paradigm. It’s interesting stuff..

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