Standing In The Mud

I’m writing this while listening to the awesome bluegrass band Chickweed at the White Eagle. I recorded this version of my new song, “Standing in the Mud” this afternoon in the RV.
Hardened hearts design and make the water rise
High, higher, higher everyday
Every other night, we have another fight
Seems the time is right for me to say:

What we thought was love, honey, was a mistake
I swear one more fight, this damn will break
No more standing in the mud
In denial of a flood
What we thought was love was a mistake

Tears fall to the ground like bullets raining down
Hardened hearts grow harder everyday
Till you can’t ignore the sound of two hearts about to drown
I’m pulling anchor now to float away

You can download it here.

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No more standing in the mud

Just a quick update. I have been playing good music in the band The Floods. I’ll make a post when the next big show comes up.

“Ghosts In The Flophouse” is about wrapped up. The last chapter is still available in the current issue of Street Roots. When that is done, I will attempt to release it here in full form. Should be cool.

I have been working on number of new songs, and will release rough cuts of at least one of them here in the next week or so.

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