A Little Bit Of Country In The City

The first episode of “A Little Country In the City” went off without too big a hitch at indymedia. Try clicking on THIS LINK to listen to it. The sound quality is deserving of a live internet radio show, so expect a little bit of compression. I recorded a better version of “Red August Moon“, a song I wrote for this past show about love lost on the night of a lunar eclipse. I’ll post the other songs in the next couple of days. New songs include: “Drops of Rain on Leaves of Grass”, “Thursday Night”, and “Bronner’s Blue Yodel no. 7″.

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New Music, New Show, New Location

Tonight will be the first night of my new podcast series “A little country in the city”, recorded live for Each episode will be twenty minutes or less, and premier original content written for show. I’ll post the individual songs and podcasts here after it has been posted to the indymedia sight.

I’ve also recently moved into my new home, just a small twenty or so acre plot inside the portland city limits. It’s a property of some renown, former landfill, driving range, mini-golf course, and proposed future home of a Wal-Mart. Check out how much room I have compared to my neighbors! I’ll add more pics and stories as time goes on.

Image of Range

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