Quick update

I’ve been quite busy surviving in the wild west. In fact, too busy to write on this blog! I will most likely change the website in a little bit so that it’s main focus is not on the blog but rather as a clearinghouse for all my musical and artistic endeavors. Anyways, the “country in the city” radio show has ended, look for some of the songs to appear on a new album with the Floods. Floods are playing Sunday, December 9th at Kelly’s Olympia. We have a full band now with the addition of a bassist, Tommy Suitcase.
Also, I redesigned Ghosts In The Flophouse, and the website is trippy. I took the movie off of youTube because it was a little too experimental for people. The website is experimental too, but I think that you will like it. Don’t let the website scare you! Did I mention that I am teaching chess to little kids in an afterschool program?
If I were an expert at self-promotion, it would have been an all-media press release, but hey I just like to write good songs and make art:
I would like to thank ASCAP for their ASCAPlus monetary award. ASCAP, the American Society of Composers and Performers, awards the ASCAPlus award to:
1) Active writers in the early and mid stages of their careers, and
2) To established writers whose main activity is outside of broadcast media.
I’m not too old yet, so I guess I fit into category one, and seeing how I give away over 10,000 songs a month via this website, I guess that I fit into category two.

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