Country Gold

Country Gold

“Racecar” was an old performing moniker of mine that I decided to retire. After a period of time, I didn’t feel like I was the same person who was singing those same songs. I gave the stage persona a real persona, Rakee Karr, and put up NOTICE signs all over town to inform folks of the death of this failed folk singer (an anachronism in this day and age, or so I felt at the time). The final show was a roast to this musician who was no longer.

The last album released by North Georgia Folk musician Rakee Karr before his untimely death on stage in Valdosta, GA Oct 2004. A big hit in the Nashville underground, ‘Country Gold’ is just what the name implies: well-crafted country songs by one of the most promising folk musician of our times, one who was lost too early. Contains all-time favorites like “Mary Lou“, “She Don’t Call Me Baby ‘Till She Cries“, the post-modern cut-up “Sunshine Revisited“, and the biting social satire “Land Here of the Free“.
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01- Mary Lou
02- Nashville
03- Leave Me of Your Endearing Charms
04- She Don’t Call Me Baby ‘Till She Cries
05- The Other Side of Life
06- Brasstown Bald Revival
07- Sunshine Revisited
08- Land Here of the Free
All songs recorded at McCart Studios, Atlanta GA.

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