The Floods was a country band that I fronted with Danny McIrvin, Molly D, Tommy Suitcase, and Mike Barron. We had lots of fun and made lots of great music, including an album alternatively called “Love Songs” and “Here Come The Floods”.

Here Come The Floods was recorded stereo live at the 82nd Avenue Folk Range in Portland, OR. In the midst of a landfill rewild, living in the old country ways, I recorded these songs using a portable recording device with the country bluegrass band I was heading called “Floods”. We would rock a show every Thursday at a dive bar called “The Know” on Alberta Street, and record at the range throughout the week. Some of the songs were written for the radio show I did on Portland Indymedia called “Country in the City”, and the rest grew out of my time fronting the Floods. On this recording, the Floods consist of me, Luke Tan, with Danny McIrvin, Molly D.,and Tommy Suitcase. Please enjoy the sweet sounds of country folk, 100% stereo live and uncompressed!!

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