Die To Get Reborn

Life Is But A Wheel

Die To Get Reborn.mp3

Won’t you take my hand?
I’m going to the golden cities of the promised land
Where if you need a friend you just look around
And as you walk the streets
The things you’ve never seen before
Will make your life complete
Like you just made it free
From lost and found

Don’t expect to see the sunshine
Inside of the pouring rain
Don’t you know you’ve got to die
If you want to live again
Live again

Won’t you take my pulse?
I think I’m gonna make a leap into the great unknown
Because I just feel like a ghost of what I was
Don’t you feel sad for me
Truth be told I’m feeling better than I thought I’d be
And for the first time in years
I’m finally free

Don’t you worry ’bout me baby
When I’m dead and gone
Don’t you you know you’ve got to die
If you want to get reborn
Get reborn.

luketan ::