Garden Of Eden

Life Is But A Wheel

Garden Of Eden.mp3

Born to choose, but you live to loose, you’ve got a lot to learn- read the warning signs, that’s a life that’s run aground. Before you decide you’ve gotta go with the tide, you try and fight the flow- but the wisdom lies in the ones that come and go. So let it all fall out and deny the things that kept you happy and warm. Let the fire die out, son, there ain’t no reason to put another log on the stove. You can’t wait for what this could have been, you gotta look ahead for the garden of eden- tell yourself that you’re gonna fly, drink the water till the well runs dry, tell yourself you’ve got a better life to come.

Something is wrong when you lose the charms that you used to hold, and your beacon dies in a world that’s dark and cold. Beatrice lied and you soon decide you’ve got to hurry home- but it’s an uphill climb and you can’t guarantee your soul. So you kiss the lips of the sinking ship, and head on back to the shore. It takes all you’ve got just to keep your wits in the fiery lake forlorn. Once you fall into the pitt of sin, you see the place that you left was the garden of eden- soon enough you’re gonna change your mind, turn the clock and try to roll back time, pray to god that there’s a better life to come.

But just when it seems that you can get off your knees you’re thrown back in the cold. It’s a wonder, life, it ain’t all we’ll ever know. They’ll come a time when we’ll hear the chimes of the heavenly bells- walking hand in hand with the ones we’ve loved so well. So let it all fall out and recall the things that made you happy and warm. When you see the light you’ve got a guarantee that you’ll never have to return to the dark that comes with the pain of living, the place that we’re headed is the garden of eden- soon enough there’ll be no more trials, shed the coils and there’ll be no more lies, and we’ll lie in the arms of the ones we’ve loved.

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