Revolution Or Suicide

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It’s sad to hear about two future brides, their love denied,
they thought it best to leave this past behind
and why should they continue through these times when people try
to stop and damn the natural love of dykes?
so they took the pills
and they made their wills
with hope that the future soon would see
weren’t no romeo
just two juliets
they were star-crossed as lovers could be
Lovers’ Suicide
We all share the cost when our lovers must die
It’s suicide
Then there’s the tale of one who trained to fight, all his life
they told him he was worth a sacrifice
But he woke ten times a night consumed in fire once he realized
the reasons he killed were only lies
so in a cold grey
located somewhere in downtown Tikrit
He tied the noose
and set himself loose
in search of a land for the free
Soldier’s Suicide
We all pay the cost when our young men must die
It’s suicide
Where will it stop? Nobody knows
the body count just grows and grows
and it won’t be too long before the sky
gets painted black with plagues and flies
one thing is for sure, as sure you’re born
once the roses are picked, all that’s left are the thorns
when we legislate love and fight for a lie
it won’t be too long before everyone dies
we must make a change or we’ll kill ourselves
take your vote to the booth or your gun off the shelf
and create a change- it’s yours to decide
we’ve only one choice: Revolution or suicide
Revolution or suicide
luketan ::