The Ballad of Uncle Joad

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Even the dark of a starless night
Can’t hide all the pain
That I’ve felt since the loss of my darling wife
I shoulder the blame
It’s all in my name

I’m so full of sin I could throw up the sky
So I drink till I drown
Then I wake in the morning and cry like a child
Cuz I’m still hanging ’round
This curse is my crown

So take what you see, so long and goodbye
Hope I don’t see ya ’round
Tell your ma, tell your pa, Tom, I’m cursed in this life
Like a baby still borne
Berift of life, at least he didn’t never have to cry

He didn’t never have to dream of his last lover’s dance
Drink the water that’s gone brown
They can’t take what you got if they don’t get the chance
They can’t take away his home
Wish I could go home…

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