The Suicide King


Quit condemning with your spotlight
Turn it ’round, see what you’ve become
Pharisee’s and Philistens weren’t never half that bad
After all, they never murdered just for oil.

Before you proselytize the teaching
Look at them body bags there stacked out in the hall
Take off your Brother’s suit and wear your Father’s rags
Then tell us all about his kingdom yet to come

Man is god, and god has lived life
He left the building with the neon on the wall
Want to know who’s got the lord on their side?
Read the word it ain’t the one who bears the sword

Looks like time we let the weeds grow
Cuz them apples taste an awful lot like oil
Judge to keep the tree by the fruit that it bears
Look around, it’s death, destruction, and dispair

luketan ::