Deliverance (confessions of a junkie)



Pray for the ending of the day
wait for the judgement of the night
reflect on how things used to be before this vice became a life of crime

Feel the heat arising from the street
hear the sirens screaming for a fight
see the dreams you can’t achieve reflected in the neon of the signs

Mister, can you spare a dollar please?
Mister please keep me from going wild
10 more bucks should be enough to buy the stuff that gets me through the night

If you don’t want to give I’ve got to take
take my advice back up against the wall
turn around, you’ve seen enough, man can’t you tell this skin’s about to crawl?

Take- give- get me out of here
I need a place to run and hide
hide from all the pain inside
I’m sorry– for these sins of mine
Sorry that you paid the price
Just tie the belt, find a line, line it up and start to shoot it down
Down, down down down

Down to the seventh stage of hell
just sos I can taste some heaven for a change
visions of st. peter start as soon as it comes rolling down my veins.

luketan ::