Radiation Blues

Radiation Blues.mp3
I guess by now you’ve come to hear the story
of how I lost the fat that’d kept me warm inside
just don’t let me hear you say your sorry
it ain’t no ones fault except the camel lights

take a chair, sit anywhere, it ain’t no hurry
all I’ve left to lose these days is time
by the way, I don’t just say it to make you worry
but I’ve been shitting blood for damn near half the night

I’ve got them radiation blues
it’s got me swimming in my boots
and I can’t even whear my suit without a rope to keep it on
if you’ve come to see the news, bring the cards, bring the booze
we’re gonna drink and play until the pain is gone

that royal straight reminds me of the family
tell my ma you think the treatments doing fine
I’d rather have her call then come to see me
I’m just a pair of skin and bones about to die

see that samson didn’t need to have delila
you don’t need to be a king to lose your crown
how I used to think that I coulda moved a mountain
now I can barely lift my feet from off the ground

thanks again for hauling out to see me
see this shadow of a man so full of life
thanks for playing cards and thinking for me
thanks for bringing in the logs to make the fire

luketan ::