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Burning buildings, burning cars
burning hate, prison gaurds
bombs, guns, credit cards

Banners, flags, presidents
terror, lies, establishment
torture, fear, imprisonment

Amputees, body bags
dead grandsons, dead granddads
body parts on blood stained sands

War— what do you kill for?
that’s what you kill for….that’s what you kill for
that’s what you kill for kill for

kernels, generals, mujardeens
battles, bottles, kerosene
Father’s cries, mother’s screams
cuz her baby won’t make it home

curses, churches, skeletons
unmarked graves, untold sins
shame brought on the world of man

We all live for the House of Morgan
We all die for the House of Morgan
We all fight for the House of Morgan
Arbusto and Haliburton

luketan ::